Thursday, 29 September 2011


 DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU GET CONSTANT NIGHMARES ABOUT THING YOU HAVE READ.Imagine you are sitting at home home, mindinding your own business, playing a game, when all of a sudden you smell smoke. Alarms go off. Your home phone begins to ring. Someone else picks it up. Its the alarm company. They are calling about your fire alarm. You panic. YOUR HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE! You do not know what to do. In a moment of fear, bravery, and just plain stupidness you run upstairs to get your pet. You grab them franticly. You run hystericly towards the nearest exit. You make it. You are safe. You gasp in breathes of air. Your heart is racing. Eventually you know your house is not on fire. A surge of relief goes through your entire body. YOU WILL BE OK. (so will your pet)

Pretty traumatising, huh? THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME MOMENTS AGO.Knowing that this was blog post gold, i went to the nearest computer that was safe to breathe near (-i have asthma), logged in, and began typing away like a madman.

here are ten new and exiting thing about me : 1. MY HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNED DOWN 2. i love "city of wonder" (you're welcome for the free advertising) 3. I *love* books 4. so i joined this thing that classifies itself as a book club 5. but it really isn't 6. its more of a literature program 7. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE 8. i love " legend of zelda: twilight princess" 9. You're welcome for the free advertising 10. MY HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNED DOWN

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

back to school

 Hi! so here are ten new, unique and random things about me:
1. i love quesidillas 2. and lasanga 3. and pizza 4. and tacos 5. and nachos 6.and double chocolat donuts tim hortons style 7. and kool aid 8. you can also call me usagi 9. i think saturday night live is hilarious 10. i have no idea what i should say, so i will say this: boopdigubidooo!

okay, so heres the deal: i have to back to school in pretty much two weeks, wich means my giant two and a half month weekend is ending. this displeases me. so, to set the record strait, i have made and revised and well edited list of things to not metion to me: 1.pencils 2.erasers 3.paper 4.teachers 5.tests 6.studying 7.notebooks 8.taking notes 9.getting up at 6:30 a.m 10. any thing to do wuth school in general.

so, yeah.

p.s again, i cannot stress this enough animal cruelty is bad. please try to stop it.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

idiana jones exhibit

hey people! remember the ten new things rule? well here goes: 1. I am tottaly charming so 2. yesterday i got icecream 3. and it was a double scoop 4. and it was cup and cone in one 5.and when i left the people at the icecream stand waved goodbye 6. and i got an indiana jones whip. 7. i also got a virtual penguin treaure 8. who i named pobert awesome 9. i found actual fleur de lyses 10. which is very exiting because im from quebec and i'd never seen a fleur de lyse before.

anyway, i got to go to an indiana jones exhibition. it was awesome. there were machines that you could find virtual treasure with. my friend's machine was defective. so were the next three! anyway i found the entire treasure and got immortalised in the museum files!

anyway, that concludes my post.

p.s. the earth is not doing so well. help in any way possible. please.

p.s.s please do whatever possible to free animals from a life of torture. stop animal cruelty .

Monday, 16 May 2011

watch this!

i think this video is awesome:

see what i mean?

also every post i will be posting 10 things about myself. the rules: every post i MUST post 10 things. they MUST be new. and at least 5 MUST be original. so here goes: 1. i love tacos 2.if i had the choice between the  peregrime falcon, grizzly bear, salamader and wolverine (all of witch are at risk of extinction) for a pet, i'd choose the peregrime falcon 3. if i could travel back in time and be any person i want i'd be a pharaoh in egypt 4. i am writting a book called DEMON 5. I invented my own country called dragonil 6. if i got a white horse i'd name it bloody mary 7. i do karate. 8. 8,6,4,and 2 are arrow keys on my computer! 9.i wonder who found out that cat pee glows under a black light10.what do you think would happen if i drank 7,000,000 gallons of pure, undilluted espresso? leave coments. ( no death, please).

p.s. please do wahatever you can to help the enviroment. its as easy reuse, reduce, recycle!
p.s.s. also try to stop animal cruety. i cant stand the mental image that people torture helpless animals. its to disturbing.

anyway, bye


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


hello to all the people who came! here are a few things about me: 1. I love harry potter movies 2. I think animal cruelty is just as bad as slavery 3. I love sugar 4. I know that sugar can lead to uncurable diseases because it supresses the immune system 5. i like pie 6.  i have a lizard 7. my bro has a dog 8. my mother has a cat (she used to have 2 :(  ) 9. im awesome 10. my lifelong dream is to become a rich and powerful person who is an artist on the side. so thats it for now!