Monday, 16 May 2011

watch this!

i think this video is awesome:

see what i mean?

also every post i will be posting 10 things about myself. the rules: every post i MUST post 10 things. they MUST be new. and at least 5 MUST be original. so here goes: 1. i love tacos 2.if i had the choice between the  peregrime falcon, grizzly bear, salamader and wolverine (all of witch are at risk of extinction) for a pet, i'd choose the peregrime falcon 3. if i could travel back in time and be any person i want i'd be a pharaoh in egypt 4. i am writting a book called DEMON 5. I invented my own country called dragonil 6. if i got a white horse i'd name it bloody mary 7. i do karate. 8. 8,6,4,and 2 are arrow keys on my computer! 9.i wonder who found out that cat pee glows under a black light10.what do you think would happen if i drank 7,000,000 gallons of pure, undilluted espresso? leave coments. ( no death, please).

p.s. please do wahatever you can to help the enviroment. its as easy reuse, reduce, recycle!
p.s.s. also try to stop animal cruety. i cant stand the mental image that people torture helpless animals. its to disturbing.

anyway, bye


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