Thursday, 29 September 2011


 DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU GET CONSTANT NIGHMARES ABOUT THING YOU HAVE READ.Imagine you are sitting at home home, mindinding your own business, playing a game, when all of a sudden you smell smoke. Alarms go off. Your home phone begins to ring. Someone else picks it up. Its the alarm company. They are calling about your fire alarm. You panic. YOUR HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE! You do not know what to do. In a moment of fear, bravery, and just plain stupidness you run upstairs to get your pet. You grab them franticly. You run hystericly towards the nearest exit. You make it. You are safe. You gasp in breathes of air. Your heart is racing. Eventually you know your house is not on fire. A surge of relief goes through your entire body. YOU WILL BE OK. (so will your pet)

Pretty traumatising, huh? THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME MOMENTS AGO.Knowing that this was blog post gold, i went to the nearest computer that was safe to breathe near (-i have asthma), logged in, and began typing away like a madman.

here are ten new and exiting thing about me : 1. MY HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNED DOWN 2. i love "city of wonder" (you're welcome for the free advertising) 3. I *love* books 4. so i joined this thing that classifies itself as a book club 5. but it really isn't 6. its more of a literature program 7. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE 8. i love " legend of zelda: twilight princess" 9. You're welcome for the free advertising 10. MY HOUSE COULD HAVE BURNED DOWN

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