Sunday, 12 June 2011

idiana jones exhibit

hey people! remember the ten new things rule? well here goes: 1. I am tottaly charming so 2. yesterday i got icecream 3. and it was a double scoop 4. and it was cup and cone in one 5.and when i left the people at the icecream stand waved goodbye 6. and i got an indiana jones whip. 7. i also got a virtual penguin treaure 8. who i named pobert awesome 9. i found actual fleur de lyses 10. which is very exiting because im from quebec and i'd never seen a fleur de lyse before.

anyway, i got to go to an indiana jones exhibition. it was awesome. there were machines that you could find virtual treasure with. my friend's machine was defective. so were the next three! anyway i found the entire treasure and got immortalised in the museum files!

anyway, that concludes my post.

p.s. the earth is not doing so well. help in any way possible. please.

p.s.s please do whatever possible to free animals from a life of torture. stop animal cruelty .

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