Tuesday, 16 August 2011

back to school

 Hi! so here are ten new, unique and random things about me:
1. i love quesidillas 2. and lasanga 3. and pizza 4. and tacos 5. and nachos 6.and double chocolat donuts tim hortons style 7. and kool aid 8. you can also call me usagi 9. i think saturday night live is hilarious 10. i have no idea what i should say, so i will say this: boopdigubidooo!

okay, so heres the deal: i have to back to school in pretty much two weeks, wich means my giant two and a half month weekend is ending. this displeases me. so, to set the record strait, i have made and revised and well edited list of things to not metion to me: 1.pencils 2.erasers 3.paper 4.teachers 5.tests 6.studying 7.notebooks 8.taking notes 9.getting up at 6:30 a.m 10. any thing to do wuth school in general.

so, yeah.

p.s again, i cannot stress this enough animal cruelty is bad. please try to stop it.

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